Friends of Georgia Libraries Board Meeting
Twin Towers, Atlanta
February 26, 2009, 7:45 a.m.

Members Attending:  President Wally Eberhard and Members Arlys Ferrell, Claudia Gibson, Chuck Gibson, Lyn Hopper, and Elaine Yontz.

Members Absent: Christine Hoskins, Bede Mitchell, and Cindy Perryman. No ex-officio members attended.

Wally called the meeting to order at 7:50 a.m. and thanked everyone for coming. 

Minutes of the September 5, 2008 meeting were read aloud. Minutes were accepted by acclamation.

There was no quorum at the November 14 board meeting, so no action was taken.

Christine was absent, and there was no treasurer’s report. Wally will ask her to submit via email. [Note: Beginning balance 11/14/08 of $5170.16. Bills paid for Fall 2008 workshop included video $150, catering $450, speaker fee $500, speaker expenses $421.75, copying $201.70, and refreshments $222.35. Two registration refunds of $40 each were given because of double payment. Deposits (registrations and membership fees) of $860. Ending balance $4004.36.]

Advocacy/Legislative Day (Wally)
Wally will speak briefly at Library Day today about FOGL. To encourage people to join, he has brought prizes for the first 4 new members.

Finance and Fundraising (Christine)
No report.

Membership (Lyn)
There are 320 names on the membership list; Lyn did not have the number of those paid for 2009, but said she would send by e-mail. [Note: 135 have paid dues for either 2008 or 2009 or both, including 20 Friends groups.] We have 200 copies of membership brochures for the table at Library Day. 

Board Development/Nominating (Elaine)
Three board members terms are ending—Wally, Bede, and Christine. Bede and Christine could be reelected; Wally cannot, according to the term limits in the bylaws, although he will continue as an ex-officio member (Past President) next year. Elaine asked the board to send any suggestions for board nominees. Lyn suggested Liza Newsom. Elaine will ask Bede & Christine whether they are willing to serve again.

Marketing/PR/Newsletter (Wally)
Our newsletter team has done a great job with the previous two issues! We have brought 200 copies for distribution at Library Day today.

COMO/Athens/2008 (Lyn/Wally)
FOGL sponsored two programs at COMO. Liza Newsom’s program on Starting a Friends Group was excellent, but very few people showed up. The panel presentation on Friends’ Bookstores had a few more attendees, and the two offerings were well received by those who came. Both programs were scheduled at 8 a.m., and we suspect the low attendance had a lot to do with the hour.

Fall Workshop (Arlys/Christine/Wally)
A good time was had by all at the fall workshop at the Fayetteville Library! Susan Schmidt was an excellent speaker, and evaluations were favorable. There were 54 registered, with a few no-shows and some surprise attendees (as usual). Wally thanked everyone involved, and especially Arlys for all her help with the local arrangements.

Annual Meeting, April 17, Warner Robins (Christine/Wally)
Author Patricia Sprinkle is lined up as the keynote/lunch speaker. Bill Starr has booked her, and the Center for the Book and FOGL will co-sponsor. Elaine moved and Chuck seconded to spend $250 for half the speaker’s honorarium. All were in favor. The group discussed two panel presentations (morning and afternoon) on the topics of Friends newsletters and successful construction bond issues/SPLOSTs. Lyn will contact the directors of Atlanta Fulton and Gwinnett Public Libraries (John Szabo and Nancy Stanbery-Kellam) to find out if they or someone from their systems can speak to their successful referenda. She suggested we also look for a library outside the metro Atlanta area for this panel. Sarah will be the lead panelist for the newsletter panel and will find others to help. 

Relations with GLA Trustees, Friends, and Advocates Division (Wally)
Wally Koehler is chair of the GLA division this year. The two Wallys plan to stay in communication and work together, especially on COMO programs, but no formalized relationship between the two groups is under discussion at this time.

Tax Exempt Status (Lyn)
We have heard nothing from the IRS.

Regents Representation (Bede)
Wally reported that Bede had written a letter to the Chancellor requesting an appointee to the FOGL board, but there has been no reply. Wally will call the Chancellor’s office to follow up.


Invitation to host fall workshop from Friends of Smyrna Library (Wally)
Wally received an invitation from the Smyrna Friends to host the Fall Workshop for 2009. He wrote to the new President, Jim Wooten, and Jim confirmed that they would like to host us. Claudia moved we accept the invitation, Elaine seconded, and all were in favor. Wally will follow up with Jim.

COMO/Columbus/2009 (Lyn)
Lyn moved that FOGL ask consultant Illene Roggensack ( to speak at COMO. This would be jointly sponsored by GLA Trustees, Friends & Advocates Division, with each group contributing $250 toward the honorarium. Chuck seconded the motion and all were in favor. We’d like to propose a two-hour time slot for this program (on Friday October 9 if possible). Lyn will follow up with Illene to further define the topic and submit the proposal to the COMO committee.

Delegate to National Library Legislative Day (Chuck)
Chuck Gibson is willing to represent FOGL and accompany Dr. Lamar Veatch to Washington for ALA Library Day in May. FOGL had previously set aside $800 to help with expenses. Elaine moved that we reimburse Chuck’s expenses up to $800, Arlys seconded, and all were in favor.

Designating VSU as our archives repository (Elaine)
Elaine reported that she had asked Valdosta State University whether they would be interested in housing the archives of our organization. GLA & SELA records are already there. The answer was yes, and they would like print copies of virtually everything related to FOGL business.  FOGL board members should send Elaine their documents, and she will be responsible for getting them to the archives. Elaine moved that we establish VSU as the official FOGL archive, Chuck seconded, and all were in favor.  Elaine will provide more details at a later date.


Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held April 16 at 4:00 p.m., the day before the annual meeting, at a hotel to be determined in Warner Robins.

Wally reminded the group that our next task is to firm up the program for April 17.

There being no further business, board members were adjourned to Library Day activities at 8:45 a.m.



Lyn Hopper, Secretary