Approved June 1, 2009
Friends of Georgia Libraries Board Meeting
Warner Robins, GA
April 16, 2009

Members Attending: President Wally Eberhard and members Bede Mitchell, Bill Starr, Cindy Perryman, Arlys Ferrell, Christine Hoskins, Elaine Yontz, Claudia Gibson, Jane Hildebrand, and Chuck Gibson.

Wally called the meeting to order at 5:15 and thanked everyone for coming.

Bede made a motion to accept the minutes of the February 26, 2009 meeting, Arlys seconded and all were in favor.

Christine reported an additional $1,100.00 received since the report was printed bringing the total to $4181.79 in the bank.

Advocacy/Legislative Day (Wally)
Wally reported on the Legislative Day activities and said that all went well.

Finance and Fundraising (Christine)
Christine said she received a $100.00 check today and the estimated costs for Friday’s meeting will be about $500.00 to $550.00. Wally reported on the tax exempt status saying it was getting close. The amended by-laws have been submitted to the state and as soon as they are approved they will be sent to the IRS.

Membership (Lyn)
Wally reported in Lyn’s absence saying the database of members has been corrupted so it is difficult to tall who has paid their dues. Christine has the applications and will send them to Lyn.

Board Development and Nominating (Elaine)
There are three open slots on the board.Elaine has sent a message to Liz Camp to see if she would be willing to serve. Bede has agreed to serve for another term. Elaine is still working on getting other names.

Marketing and PR (Wally)
Wally reports the newsletter is going well although it is a little behind this month. The FOGL clips have been well received as give aways.

Annual Meeting Plans (Christine)
Christine reported that Marsha Christy, Director, Houston County Library, will welcome the attendees. Dr. Lamar Veatch will attend and give the opening address.


Regents Representation  (Wally)
Wally has written a letter inviting the Board of Regents to appoint a ex-offficio representative to the FOGL board.

COMO/Columbus  (Lyn)
Wally reported that Lyn had been in contact with Illene Roggensack asking her if she would be willing to present a session at COMO in October. It also needs to be determined if a FOGL member would need to pay the full registration if only coming for one or two days.

Fall Workshop (Wally)
The fall workshop will be on Saturday, November 7 or November 14 in Smyrna, GA depending on availability of space.


New Award Proposal (Wally)
Dr. Veatch has proposed a new award, tentative title: Friends Group of the Year, to honor the best Friends group. Wally appointed a committee made up of Bede, Cindy, Arlys, and Wally to investigate what criteria would be used. They will report back at the June board meeting.

Terry Kay Proposal For Consideration
Mr Kay asked if FOGL would be interested in working with the University of Georgia library is supporting and promoting the Georgia Writers hall of Fame and Georgia Authors. Wally did not appoint a committee but asked that it be kept on the table to think about and discuss more in the future.


The next board meeting will be in Athens, Monday, June 1 at 10:00 a.m.

There being no further business, board members were adjourned at 5:35.



Claudia Gibson, filling in for Lyn Hopper, Secretary